"I had never met Tracy before searching for this house. She came at the recommendation of a family friend. We looked at houses all over the city of Portland. She was always on time and extremely friendly. Tracy also has a very strong understanding of different neighborhoods and knowledge of good  local spots. I ended up finding a fantastic house at a great price."

- Mat C.

"can I just say how awesomely great you are work with? You're the best - client focused with organized, well-structured offers that don't waste time...and one of the best negotiators out there."

-From Percy Wise, Two Rivers Mortgage

"Tracy is the best! Super knowledgeable and was a massive resource through my first home buying process! I would recommend her to anyone and will definitely be calling her again for any realtor needs! She is a joy to spend time with, her expertise is apparent, and really helped me with my home owning strategy. She provided advice beyond her role and was critical in making sure all the components of the closing process were as smooth as could be!" 

-Kate K.

"Tracy was professional, responsive, and knowledgeable throughout the home buying process. She was patient with all my detailed questions as a first-time home buyer, and her technical knowledge gave me confidence that I was making well-informed decisions. I felt empowered and encouraged by her guidance and efforts because she took the time and took steps to put my wife and I's interests and wishes first. In short, I couldn't have imagined a better broker service!"


"Tracy is an amazing agent. She helped my fiancee and I buy our first home and turned what could easily have been a terribly stressful process into a fun and comfortable process. My fiancee and I asked her incessant questions and she never made us feel like an annoyance; instead she made us feel like we were doing exactly what we should be doing because our incessant questions (and her informed answers and advice) were our path to feeling comfortable in the biggest purchase of our lives!

10 out of 10 would engage Tracy as an agent again! She rocks socks."


"Tracy was great and helped us get the perfect home for the perfect price. She knew the market, she was reliable, and was able to know when to and where to draw the line when negotiating. I think her background in law definitely comes in handy. Thanks, Tracy!"

-James O.

"Tracy was really great to work with. She's warm, down to earth, and very easy to interact with. She responds to all communications very quickly. Our home buying experience was about as smooth as one could hope for, and a lot of that is thanks to Tracy!"

-Jeremy M.

"Tracy is the absolute best! She always accommodated our schedule and was always prepared to provide us with all the relevant information about the property. Tracy never pushed a property on us or rushed us through a showing. Best of all, we always had fun driving to the properties. Once we found the perfect place, Tracy began demonstrating her excellent negotiating skills while providing valuable guidance to us first-time home buyers. Tracy never waivered in her advocacy and fought for everything we wanted/needed. We ultimately purchased our perfect property with minimal stress. As my wife and I have continuously told Tracy, we would not have been able to find and purchase a home without her expertise and help. My advice: contact Tracy if you want an enjoyable, stress-free, efficient, and gratifying home buying experience. Tracy, we'll be giving you a call in 6-9 years to find our next perfect property!"

-Zachary W.

"I cannot speak more highly of Tracy! Honestly. We began speaking with her about a month before we were interested in purchasing. She came out to our home to talk with us during nap time and answered any and all questions we could throw at her. We started looking at houses with her soon after that. She was always willing to give her honest opinion on the condition of the house and how it could fit into our current family structure. Given our price range, we were feeling pretty discouraged with the options out there; however, when we finally found our gem, Tracy was ready to act. She did everything she could to help us along with the pre-approval process and our bid submission. I believe it was because of her ability to act quickly and navigate the system that got us into our house today. That doesn't even begin to touch on the amazing negotiating she did on our behalf. We were able to close within the month we made our offer. What's more, this process happened concurrently with the holidays. Tracy is a wonder to work with and I would suggest her to any of my friends or family looking to buy within the area."

-Sara L.

"We really loved working with Tracy and Front Porch Properties! Tracy is a steady hand when things get exciting. She listened and paid close attention to what we were looking for and the reasoning behind it. She was not afraid to thoroughly discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of each property. When it came time to make a deal, we knew we were well represented thanks to her legal background."

-Ronna C.

"Tracy Sullivan was wonderful to work with. Her extensive knowledge of both the Portland market and her ability to meet our needs was remarkable. We needed to find a new house in a very short time and we found and bought our home in just 6 weeks. Tracy worked under that time restriction and pressure with grace and excellency. I was truly astounded by how she handled my first time home owner anxiety with warmth, understanding and professionalism. I would absolutely without any reservation recommend Tracy Sullivan to anyone."

-Tara T.

"Tracy was a fantastic agent and a dream to work with. She was highly knowledgeable about the process (which was extremely helpful as a first time buyer) and the market. She was organized when it came to showing houses and picked up very quickly on the things we liked and didn't like in order to narrow the list down. In writing offers she had a deliberate strategy that she communicated with us about in order to allow us to position ourselves competitively. We also had somewhat difficult sellers who we bought from and Tracy was amazing at keeping us focused on the goal, closing, while also listening to our concerns. She was constantly available at all hours to answer any questions and address issues as they came up. I could not recommend working her more." 


"We could not have had a better home purchase experience thanks to Tracy Sullivan. She anticipated our every question and kept us informed and supported every step of the way. Tracy is very knowledgeable and guided by an unwavering integrity. We could see that carry over into every aspect of the process. From every realtor we met, to the mortgage broker, to the title company, we could see a direct benefit because those individuals, businesses, etc. knew our realtor would be fair, kind, and always deliver. Most importantly, we are so happy and love the end result- a beautiful home for our family!"

-Kate C.

"Tracy is an excellent real estate agent. Tracy is very responsive to her clients and is persistent in her pursuit of a home for her clients. She was very knowledgeable and was able to get a perfect home for the situation I was in. As a busy professional the times I could make it to tour homes were sporadic at times. Tracy would take time from her schedule to preview homes and give me an idea of whether she thought it would work with video tours accompanying her thoughts. I highly recommend Tracy."

-Trenton J.